I firmly believe in achieving a state of overall fitness. By this, I mean a well-rounded level of fitness with regard to muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance, and a healthy body composition. All these things can be achieved with a detailed, consistent, and focused program.

     I like to focus on compound weightlifting movements (squat, deadlift, pull-up, bent over rows, bench press, overhead press) that work the large muscles of the body and get the biggest response. These movements will build muscle that will burn calories, make you strong, and improve your body composition. If any of the movements are unfamiliar, we will take the time to get the technique and move forward safely. We will also substitute exercises where necessary due to injury, mobility issues or physical limitations, but try to address these issues to make improvements.

     We will also include circuit training using smaller, weighted movements along with body-weight exercises at a high pace to get your heart rate up. These exercises will be used to help improve the larger movements and work your muscular and cardiovascular endurance. For those interested, we can also use boxing/kickboxing to work on this.

    To finish off, we will do an exercise or two to address your core and then stretch to help cool down and improve flexibility.

     If there are any mobility, flexibility, or stability issues, we will work on those in the warm-up. This way we can address them, but still move forward and get in a proper workout.

     All that being said, this is all about you. If you really want to improve your maximal strength, we'll focus on that. If you're more concerned about your muscular and cardiovascular endurance, that will be our focus. We will adjust according to your particular goals and needs.

     I like to think of personal training as a partnership. We will use my expertise and experience to address your wants and achieve your goals. I believe in an open line of communication, both ways. Talk to me and let me know your thoughts and concerns throughout the whole process. Text or email whenever you have questions and I'll do the same to check on your recovery after workouts.

      For you to succeed as the client and I as the trainer, we need to work together. Hopefully, along the way, you're satisfied and we both will have learned something.